Meals and Food
Cuddles and Care provides nutritious and wholesome food, catering for all tastes and diets.
From a healthy eating point of view, we give balance to our seasonal menus by carefully planning the nutritional content using the guidelines laid down by the Children’s Food Trust and the Food Standards Agency.
All food is home cooked daily using fresh ingredients where possible. The cooks are regularly trained to maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene in the procedure, preparation and cooking of meals for allergy or food intolerance sufferers.
We feel lunchtime is a very important part of nursery life; it helps gain those valuable interpersonal and social skills at an early age in their lives and gives them an enjoyable experience at mealtimes.

Menus are displayed in the nursery dining room.
Children are encouraged to eat fresh fruit every day
Full details of your child’s food intolerances or allergies are recorded as part of the registration process and all staff are trained to follow the stringent procedures for each allergy.
It may be necessary to seek medical advice from your child’s GP to provide sufficient knowledge of your child’s individual allergy.
Children are offered a selection of healthy snacks during the morning.
The children aged 2-5 can access our snack café throughout the morning at times of their own choosing in support of their own independence.
The babies join together at snack time for a social snack and engagement with adults.
All children have access to drinking water throughout the day.
We offer a healthy tea for all the children in the afternoon. Comprising of a wide selection of interesting and varied home baked foods and fresh fruit.